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Cambridge CELTA

Cambridge CELTA ~ One of the world’s most respected ELT qualifications

  • Dates: Start: Sat. 9th April End: Sat. 23rd, July 2022
  • Days: Every Saturday, Saturday, plus Sunday 10th April, and if needed Sun. 3rd July (16 to 17 days in total).
  • Course Fees:
    • Tuition Fees: ¥265,000
    • Cambridge Candidate Fee: ¥22,500
    • (Fees inclusive of tax)
  • Times: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 ~ 5:30 p.m. (approx.)
  • Duration: 120 hours
  • Location: Motomachi, Kobe (Map: http://language-resources.co.jp/directions/ )
  • Number of Participants: Min. 8 - Max. 12

Who takes the course at Language Resources?

Our courses are offered primarily with local, working teachers in mind. The part-time format allows you to put into practice right away what you've learned in your own classes. Other significant factors are:

  • LR was the first Centre to introduce the Cambridge CELTA to Japan.
  • We have been an approved Cambridge-RSA C-TEFLA and Cambridge CELTA Centre for over 30 years, making LR one of Asia’s most experienced centres.
  • We have trained some 700 teachers to Certificate and Diploma Level.
  • Our resident CELTA Tutors provide great support.
  • Courses are held at weekends to fit in with teachers’ work schedules.
  • LR has had consistently high ratings both by the External Assessors and trainees themselves.
  • LR is the only Cambridge Centre in Japan offering both the CELTA itself and the Delta Module One examination.
  • We offer preparatory language courses for non-native speakers.
  • We also offer follow-up seminars for teachers.

Cambridge CELTA ~ One of the world’s most respected ELT qualifications

So what exactly is the Cambridge CELTA?
Offered in over 300 centres in over 70 countries, the Cambridge CELTA Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (formerly, the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is regarded as one of the most valuable, practical English language teacher-training courses available. With some 10,000 teachers taking the course worldwide each year, it's easy to understand why it is often referred to as the "industry standard".

With over 30 years' experience in RSA C-TEFLA, D-TEFLA, Cambridge CELTA - as well as other forms of teacher training and teacher development courses - Language Resources, Kobe, was the first approved Teaching Awards centre in Japan to offer this internationally recognized ELT qualification. While most trainees are from the Himeji, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Otsu, Shiga and Wakayama areas, we regularly have teachers attend our courses from Nagoya, Okayama and Shikoku - even Tokyo!

You can find out more on the CELTA from the Cambridge CELA web site at: http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/teaching-english/teaching-qualifications/celta/

Cambridge CELTA Centre

What are the Course Dates & How do I apply?

Courses are held twice a year on a ‘part-time’ basis and comprise a minimum 120 hours' training held over 16 to 18 sessions (days) depending on the number of candidates. Each session is held from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 ~ 5:30 p.m. every Saturday, plus 1 or 2 Sundays. The Spring-Summer course is held from April to July, and the Autumn-Winter course from September to December, or October to January. Exact dates can be found in our Information Package. Currently, as the courses are designed primarily with working teachers in mind, we do not offer ‘intensive’ courses in Kobe.

For a full description of the course, application form and other details, please click here: Request for CELTA Application Package; For any other enquiries, you can contact us by email at: CELTA ENQUIRY or by telephone.

What are the Course Fees?

Full details of the above are provided in our Information to Applicants package, where you will also see that we do our best to accommodate teachers who may have special requests regarding individualised payment schedules. Please feel free to ask about this at interview or once you’ve been accepted on the course.

Trainer Profiles

Chris Ożóg is from Scotland and is LR’s Main Course Tutor (MCT) for our CELTA courses. He is also a qualified Cambridge Delta Tutor and a CELTA Assessor – a role in which he inspects centres around the world to ensure they meet the required standards set by Cambridge. In addition to his CELTA and Delta qualifications, he holds an M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and an M.A. in English Language and Literature. He has taught English and trained teachers in Argentina, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Dubai, Japan, Morocco and Thailand.

Chris Ożóg

John Troop

John Troop is from Canada and is our Assistant Course Tutor (ACT) for our CELTA courses. He has been with LR since 2014, where he is currently an Assistant Director of Studies with particular responsibilities for in-service training and teacher development. He holds both Cambridge CELTA and Delta qualifications as well as an M.A. in Applied Linguistics. In addition to his Japan experience, he has previously held positions of teacher, Director of Studies, and CELTA trainer in Canada, China and Syria.

Craig Jennings is president of Language Resources. Originally from the U.K., he grew up in Australia. He has been with Language Resources since 1995. He holds both Cambridge CELTA and Delta qualifications and, in addition to his many responsibilities at LR, is our Cambridge Centre Examinations Manager. He has been an Assistant Course Tutor since 2004.

Craig Jennings

Who takes the course at Language Resources?

The CELTA course has proved to be extremely useful both to those new to ELT and to those with more experience. Course participants are from a wide variety of teaching environments -- from JETs and ALTs teaching in Junior High and High Schools to those working at private language schools, junior colleges, universities, in-house company training programmes etc. A number have had no previous ELT experience at all. An increasing number of non-native speakers of English, including Japanese teachers working in Junior High and High Schools, are finding this an attractive and rewarding training programme.

Our trainees have come from well over 20 different countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Trinidad, Vietnam, the U.K., the U.S.A. and an increasing number from countries in continental Europe such as France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland etc.

Whatever their background, personal and professional goals, trainees tend to have at least two things in common - a desire to offer their students a better teaching-learning environment and, as a result, a desire to improve their own job-satisfaction as teachers. In many cases, too, they recognize that the CELTA can offer them a significant increase in job opportunities worldwide.

Who takes the courses at Language Resources?

Who takes the course at Language Resources?

Since April 2020, LR has successfully run our ‘face-to-face, classroom-based’ Cambridge CELTA courses as usual - April to July and September to December, 2020, and from April to July 2021. While we have occasionally needed to hold some Input Sessions online, we strongly believe that when it comes to teacher training, real classroom practice provides trainees with a far superior and rewarding experience than any online alternative. In the coming months, with the increased vaccine rollout, the situation may improve but to provide face-to-face teacher training, we shall continue, while necessary, to:

  • Provide plasma cluster air purifiers in the classroom, together with hand sanitizers, and temperature checks on arrival.
  • Require all participants - trainees, course tutors, practice students - to wear face masks at all times.
  • Seat participants at an acceptable distance from each other.
  • Keep doors and/or windows regularly open to maintain airflow.
  • Decline entry to anyone who appears to have a temperature in excess of 37°C.
  • Encourage all participants to check their temperature regularly at home, and not attend if their temperature exceeds 37°C, to wash/sanitize their hands during break periods, and to respect others’ safety as well as their own.

By following these protocols, we look forward to continuing to provide safe, rewarding and enjoyable Cambridge CELTA courses.

Genuine feedback from trainees:

  • 'The people here at Language Resources do an excellent job training teachers in CELTA techniques and should be used as a model for all CELTA courses!'
    Shane Daley
  • 'Every Teaching Practice and Feedback session was very helpful. The tutors were always ready to help and were friendly when I asked for advice ….. I got more than I expected. I received more help and guidance when I needed it than I imagined I would be able to get.'
    Rie Asakura
  • 'As a learner who learns best through doing, the Teaching Practice and Feedback component was the most effective part of the course for me. The tutors’ guidance and feedback, given alongside actually teaching, directly improved my teaching ….. The tutors were great! I really appreciate all the comments written during our teaching practice sessions and their overall help and support ….. The course exceeded my expectations in terms of how much I learnt. I could never have learned the techniques the CELTA teaches anywhere else in Japan.'
    Hayley Manson
  • 'Thank you for a wonderful and uplifting educational experience!'
    Inoke Funaki
  • 'All the feedback I received was extremely useful, pointing out areas of improvement I wasn’t aware of ….. I found all Input Sessions indispensable! ….. I believe what I learned here was invaluable as I can apply it to all levels and groups I teach.'
    David M. Hebert
  • 'The CELTA has been immediately practical, and has met and exceeded my expectations, while challenging me to continue to improve my teaching skills in the future ….. Teaching Practice and Feedback is the heart and soul of the course. Where else can we observe, participate, and get such good feedback on real lessons? ….. I would of course recommend it to others, but I would also warn them about the level of commitment which it requires. I feel like the CELTA has introduced, framed, and developed my knowledge of EFL.'
    Andy Smith
  • 'The tutors were very constructive in their feedback and guidance. I really appreciate the positive environment in which these aspects of the course were conducted ….. The course has really helped improve my teaching and so I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.'
    Edward Knott
  • 'This course went above my expectations because it completely changed and challenged how I view teaching ….. The course tutors were great, helpful, always willing to answer questions and give advice.'
    Zac Callaghan
  • 'The course not only met but exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect to get so much out of it but was pleasantly surprised'
  • 'It raised my awareness of effective teaching methods and techniques; it has helped me evaluate lessons, materials, and my own teaching. I have a feeling that now I know what I'm doing - and why!'
  • 'The course stretched me, challenged me beyond my expectations and encouraged me at the same time. It was very practical and everything I learned I would like to apply at my current teaching job."
  • 'After reading about the course and speaking to fellow teachers, I knew that this course was going to be a demanding but rewarding programme. The course delivered everything I expected from it and in some cases exceeded my expectations. This was due to the quality and professionalism of Language Resources and the tutors.'
  • 'Thanks a lot. I have actually applied for a couple of jobs both of which want CELTA qualified teachers! To think that this time last year I wouldn’t have been able to apply makes me feel very satisfied!'
  • 'The course exceeded my expectations. The level of detail and depth provided in Input sessions and required in Planning and Assignments was far greater than I had expected. And given the commitment of time and resources I made for the course, I am very happy the standards were so high. I would absolutely recommend the course to others.
  • 'An excellent course. Great support, material and structure. Really feel much more confident and comfortable with my teaching now, and aware of areas that still need improvement and how to go about it.'
  • 'It was a great hands-on training course that allowed me to gradually learn from my experience and from my peers’ experiences as well.'
  • 'A helpful and rewarding experience. The tutors were wonderfully supportive and insightful. Classmates were supportive, and feedback sessions were truly beneficial'
  • 'I had a very positive learning experience and would recommend this course to friends and colleagues'
  • 'The course was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.'

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Other Information

Do take a look at our CELTA FAQs page for answers to many of the typical questions applicants ask about the course.

The CELTA is both a challenging and a professionally highly-rewarding experience but trainees should be prepared to devote several hours of study/research outside the training sessions each week. Candidates will have free access to LR's extensive CELTA reference library - arguably one of the best-stocked reference libraries for ELT professionals in Japan.

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